Thirunallru Sthala varalaru, dosham and remedial measures

Sani Bhagavan waiting to aspect Nala, noticed that he had not washed the back portion of his feet, while preparing for his prayers. Deciding this was the opportune time, he aspected Nala. Because of this, Nala lost his composure and lost his kingdom to Pudkaran in a game of dice and sent his children to their uncle's house. Nala departed to the forest with his wife Damayanti. Saneeswaran created trouble even there and made Nala desert his wife in the forest. The snake Karkotagan bit Nala, making him lose his stature (was made to look ugly). He took on the job of a charioteer with king Irudhupannan. Damayanti, in the meantime reached the kingdom of her father, and arranged a Swayamvara to locate Nala. Damyanti identified Nala, the charioteer as her husband. Thanks to a boon from Karkodagan, Nala regained his old form. In spite of being back with his wife, Nala feeling very disturbed, sought the solace of sage Bharadwaja and on his advice reached Thirunallar. He bathed in the Brahma Thirtham of the temple, and when he entered the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, Saneeswaran departed from him.

Saneeswaran resides in each Rasi for a period of 2 1/2 years. When Saneeswaran resides in the 12th, 1st and 2nd house, it is 7 1/2 Naatu Sani ; when in the 4th house, it is Arthashtama Sani; when in the 8th house, it is Ashtama Sani. During these periods, he troubles the native.

Problems from Govt., peers, wife, children, slowdown in business, loss of property, leprosy are caused by transit of Sani.
In a person's life, 7 1/2 Naatu Sani aspects thrice, the first called Mangu Sani, the second called Pongu Sani and the third called Marana Sani.

Saneeswaran is reputed to be both, a giver and destroyer. A person who prays to Saneeswaran will be blessed with not only riddance from the problems and worries faced, but a life that one desires. 

The sthalam of Sani Bhagavan is Thirunallaru, which is located 3kms from Karaikal, enroute to Peralam. His wives are Neela Devi and Manga Devi. The presiding deities are Dharbaranyeswarar (Swaymbumurti) and his consort Bogamartha Poon Mulayal. He is the Lord of Maharam and Kumba Rasis and faces the West direction. The Adi Devatha is Yaman and the Prathyathi Devatha is Prajapathi. His colour is black; his vahana the crow; the grain associated with him is gingelley; the flower - vanni and black kuvalai; fabric - black cloth; gem - neelam (blue saphire); food - rice mixed with gingelley powder. 


rAga: yadukulakAmbhoji / tAla: cAturashra eka

divAkaratanujaM shanaishcaraM dhIrataraM santataM cintayEham

bhavAmbunidhau niMagnajanAnAM bhayahNkaram atikrUraphaladam bhavAnIshakaTAkSapAtrabhUtabhaktimatAmatishayashubhaphaladam

kAlAhnjanakAntiyuktadehaM kAlasahodaraM kAkavAhaM nIlAMshukapuSpamAlavRtaM nIlaratnabhUSaNAlaNkRtaM mAlinIvinutaguruguhamuditaM makarabumbharAshinAthaM tilatailamishritAnnadIpapriyam dayAsudhAsAgaraM nirbhayam kAladaNDaparipIditajAnuM kAmitArthaphaladakAmaDhenuM kAlacakrabhedacitrabhAnuM kalpitaccAyAdevisUnum


I always meditate upon the slow-moving[1] Shani, the son of Surya and the courageous one.

Who causes fear in people plunged in the ocean of worldly existence, and is the harbinger of calamitous events[2]. Who grants uniquely auspicious rewards for devotees favored by Shiva's benign glances.

Who with a body of dark lustre like collyrium[3], brother of Yama, riding on his vehicle the Crow, decorated with blue dress and a blue flower wreath, with ornaments embedded with blue stones, who is worshipped by Malini[4] and delights Guruguha. Lord of the two houses of Makara and Kumbha[5], with special liking for the lamp lit with sesame oil and for rice with sesame seeds[6], an ocean of nectar of compassion and fearless. Whose knee was disfigured by the staff of the Lord of Death, like Kamadhenu[7] yielding all desires, the fire capable of splitting the time-wheel[8], and one conceived of as the son of the Goddess Chaya.


  1. Shani's knee was disfigured as a result of a fight with his brother Yama, God of the dead. Hence Shani is called 'Shanaiscara' (lit. 'slow-moving')
  2. Shani is the planet influencing suicide.
  3. A black sandal-paste mixture
  4. According to Parthasarathy, this name was assumed by Draupadi heroine of the Mahabharata and wife of the five Pandava brothers. While in exile with her husbands she suffered untold privations and indignities while living at the palace of King Virata. Under her assumed name Malini she worshipped Shani to alleviate her from her sufferings.
  5. Constellations Capricorn and Aquarius
  6. Foods for offering oblations to Shani
  7. The sacred wish-granting cow, bestower of all wishes and desires
  8. A figure of speech symbolizing Shani's power to interrupt or delay the progress of time; this power prevents a normal progress towards death, such as caused by calamitous events or suicide



Propitiation of Saturn


CHARITY: Donate leather, farm land, a black cow, a cooking oven with cooking utensils, a buffalo, black mustard or black sesamum seeds, to a poor man on Saturday evening.

FASTING: On Saturday during Saturn transits, and especially major or minor Saturn periods.

MANTRA: To be chanted on Saturday, two hours and forty minutes before sunrise, especially during major or minor Saturn periods:


(The 108 names of Shani)

Aum shanaescaraya namah

Aum shantaya namah

Aum sarvabhistapradayine namah

Aum sharanyaya namah

Aum vagenyaya namah

Aum sarveshaya namah

Aum saumyaya namah

Aum suramvandhaya namah

Aum suralokaviharine namah

Aum sukhasonapavishtaya namah

Aum sundaraya namah

Aum ghanaya namah

Aum ghanarupaya namah

Aum ghanabharanadharine namah

Aum ghanasaravilepaya namah

Aum khadyotaya namah

Aum mandaya namah

Aum mandaceshtaya namah

Aum maha-niyaguna-atmane namah

Aum martyapavanapadaya namah

Aum maheshaya namah

Aum dhayaputraya namah

Aum sharvaya namah

Aum shatatuniradharine namah

Aum carasthirasvabhavaya namah

Aum acamcalaya namah

Aum nilavarnaya namah

Aum nityaya namah

Aum nilanjana-nibhaya namah

Aum nilambara-vibhushaya namah

Aum nishcalaya namah

Aum vedyaya namah

Aum vidhi-rupaya namah

Aum virodha-dhara-bhumaye namah

Aum bhedaspadasvabhavaya namah

Aum vajradehaya namah

Aum vairagyadaya namah

Aum viraya namah

Aum vitarogabhayaya namah

Aum vipatparampareshaya namah

Aum vishva-vandyaya namah

Aum gridhnavahaya namah

Aum gudhaya namah

Aum kurmangaya namah

Aum kurupine namah

Aum kutsitaya namah

Aum gunadhyaya namah

Aum gocaraya namah

Aum avidhya-mula-nashaya namah

Aum vidhya-avidhya-svarupine namah

Aum ayushyakaranaya namah

Aum apaduddhartre namah

Aum vishnu-bhaktaya namah

Aum vishine namah

Aum vividhagamavedine namah

Aum vidhistutyaya namah

Aum vandhyaya namah

Aum virupa-akshaya namah

Aum varishthaya namah

Aum garishthaya namah

Aum vajram-kushagharaya namah

Aum varada bhayahastaya namah

Aum vamanaya namah

Aum jyeshthapatni-sametaya namah

Aum shreshthaya namah

Aum mitabhashine namah

Aum kashtaughanashakartre namah

Aum pushtidaya namah

Aum stutyaya namah

Aum stotra-gamyaya namah

Aum bhakti-vashyaya namah

Aum bhanave namah

Aum bhanuputraya namah

Aum bhavyaya namah

Aum pavanaya namah

Aum dhanur-mandala-samsthaya namah

Aum dhanadaya namah

Aum dhanushmate namah

Aum tanu-prakasha-dehaya namah

Aum tamasaya namah

Aum asheshajanavandyaya namah

Aum visheshaphaladayine namah

Aum vashikritajaneshaya namah

Aum pashunam pataye namah

Aum khecaraya namah

Aum khageshaya namah

Aum ghana-nilambaraya namah

Aum kathinyamanasaya namah

Aum aryaganastutyaya namah

Aum nilacchatraya namah

Aum nityaya namah

Aum nirgunaya namah

Aum gunatmane namah

Aum niramayaya namah

Aum nandyaya namah

Aum vandaniyaya namah

Aum dhiraya namah

Aum divya-dehaya namah

Aum dinartiharanaya namah

Aum dainyanashakaraya namah

Aum aryajanaganyaya namah

Aum kruraya namah

Aum kruraceshtaya namah

Aum kama-krodha-karaya namah

Aum kalatraputrashatrutvakaranaya pariposhita-bhaktaya namah

Aum parabhitiharaya namah Aum bhakta-sangha-manobhishta-phaladaya namah

Shani seed mantra: Aum pram prim praum sah shanaisharaya namah.

RESULT: The planetary diety Shani is propitiated insuring victory in quarrels, over coming chronic pain, and bringing success to those engaged in the iron or steel trade.